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On the Road: St. Lucia

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to travel to the islands of St. Lucia and Mustique for a private performance. My wife and I decided to make a trip out of it, and I wanted to share some of our favorite parts of the experience (pictures below).

If you have the chance, we highly recommend Ladera Resort for your stay. The rooms are unique, each with only three walls. That means that you’re exposed to the elements slightly, but also that you wake to an incredible view of the pitons and beautiful ocean. Each room also had its own private heated plunge pool, overlooking the most scenic views you could hope for!

We were slightly concerned about bugs, but the higher elevation of the resort meant that it wasn’t a problem in the slightest. From the incredible food and service to the spas, we understand why this is one of the most popular resorts on the island. Our other close second was Sugar Beach by Viceroy, but that seemed to have a more pampered and stuffier feel that wasn’t really the vibe we were going for. We couldn’t have been happier with our choice.

While in St. Lucia, we highly recommend trying your hand at scuba. We had never done it before, and it is an experience that we won’t easily forget! Also, make sure that you try Boucan Restaurant (where every dish features some form of cocoa) and the fine local cuisines at Martha’s Tables!

And finally, if you have a chance and want to visit somewhere even more remote, check out the private island of Mustique. It’s a short plane trip from St. Lucia or Barbados, and there are only 2 hotels on the island. All other guests stay in private villas. This means that the island is much less inhabited than surrounding areas, and you can really enjoy some peace and quiet! We recommend Firefly for your lodging. And if you stop in the bar, be sure to tell Patrick that I say hi!

Kevin Viner
Kevin Viner

I’m a professional mentalist who travels the world performing. Beyond my profession, my interests include writing music, guitar, aviation, martial arts, and mathematics.

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  1. Hi Kevin,
    I love following you. Let me know if you ever come to Charlotte where I am now living. Would love to attend your show. I’m so proud of you accomplishing your dream.

    Mrs De luca
    From Carlsbad High School
    Retired in Charlotte, NC

    1. Thank you so much :). I really appreciate the support, and will keep you posted next time I’m in Charlotte! Most of my events are private, but it would be great to say hello and catch up!

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