Master Mentalist Kevin Viner Teaches You How to Never Forget a Name Again!

Master the Art of
Memorizing Names

Are you looking for the perfect keynote for your next conference? Look no further than Kevin Viner’s corporate speaking program Magnetic Memory: Attracting Success by Remembering Names.

Magnetic Memory is specifically designed to revolutionize the way your employees interact and connect with each other, clients, and potential business partners. By teaching the art of memorizing names, Kevin empowers professionals to create lasting impressions and nurture stronger relationships.

This highly engaging and entertaining program is perfect for corporate seminars and team-building events, and builds on the lessons learned in Kevin’s book How to Remember Names. Kevin can even autograph copies of his book for your guests to take home.

Why Remembering Names Matters

Learn “The 3Cs.”

In Kevin’s entertaining seminar, remembering names is broken into 3 easy steps.

1) CARICATURE – Pick an identifying feature of the person that you can use as an “anchor” to get back to them later.

2) CODE – Choose a “code word” that you can use as a mnemonic device. For instance, the name Mary might make you think of a lamb.

3) CHANGE – You’ll learn how to attach the code word to the identifying feature. We learn best through visual cues, and you’ll find that remembering names is fun and easy!

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