Kevin Viner, America’s Top Mentalist.
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Incredible Entertainment for Corporate Events


What do top executives with Google, Starbucks, Intel, USAA, and JPMorgan Chase have in common? They have all enjoyed Kevin Viner’s interactive mind reading show. 

From revealing the serial number on a borrowed bill to disclosing the birthdates of audience members’ relatives or even the names of their first kisses, corporate entertainer Kevin Viner keeps groups on the edge of their seats and full of laughter. With a wealth of experience from over 1000 successful shows, Kevin understands that the key to unforgettable corporate entertainment lies in audience engagement and a mesmerizing “WOW factor.” His performances are HR-friendly, and his outstanding reputation has been built almost entirely on referrals, earning him the unique accolade of being “the only entertainer we’ve hired twice”  for some of the world’s most discerning audiences.

In addition to being one of the most popular mentalists and magicians for corporate event entertainment, Kevin has appeared on television programs including Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Don’t Blink, Masters of Illusion, and the PBS biopic Johnny Carson: King of Late Night. As a subject matter expert, Kevin has written articles on successful corporate entertainment for Successful Meetings magazine.

The Perfect Icebreaker

Reception Entertainment

With his mastery of psychology and sleight of hand, Kevin Viner delivers captivating and unforgettable experiences for your guests. Cocktail reception entertainment helps to break the ice, encouraging networking and facilitating conversation.

Clean, Interactive Entertainment

Customized Mind-Reading Show

Kevin will work with your team to deliver a fast-paced, interactive mentalism show that is uniquely curated for your specific event. From custom graphics to industry-specific humor, Kevin tailors each show for YOUR specific audience.

Keep Them Engaged

Emcee / Master of Ceremonies

After performing for over 1000 events globally, Kevin knows how to hold an audience’s attention. His commanding presence and extensive repertoire ensure that all attendees remain fully engaged for the speakers throughout the day.

Engaging and Amazing

Customized Mind Reading Show

Looking to impress your guests with a fast-paced, interactive show that they will never forget? Look no further than Kevin Viner’s Borrowed Thoughts: A Mind Reading Experience. Within the first five minutes, Kevin accurately guesses the name of a first kiss, demonstrates how easily we can be influenced, and even gives someone in the audience the ability to read minds (not even they will know exactly how they did it. With years of experience entertaining at thousands of events, Kevin has polished his act to entertain even the most skeptical groups.

Kevin’s professionalism and collaborative spirit make him a hit with event planners and organizers, making him one of the top corporate magicians and corporate mentalists in the country. He works with you every step of the way to ensure your event is a success. From integrating your company’s values to customizing humor and accommodating last-minute changes, Kevin is flexible and accommodating to your specific needs.

With his expertise in performing for corporate and private functions, Kevin’s mentalism performances are always friendly and appropriate for all audiences. Every event includes a phone meeting with Kevin where you can personally go over details to make your event stand out.

Interactive Magic & Mentalism

Strolling Reception Entertainment

Say goodbye to boring receptions! Kevin is a master at creating dynamic experiences that your guests will never forget. During your social reception, Kevin will work the room, engaging small groups with close up mentalism (mind-reading) and magic. His incredible mind-reading is sure to be the talk of the reception. You’ll know where Kevin is by following the gasps and laughter in the room!

Corporate cocktail reception entertainment is one of Kevin’s specialties, and he has built his career on referrals from top executives. The smarter the audience, the more they will enjoy Kevin’s craft. As a strolling magician and mind reader, Kevin has been featured extensively on network television, as well as entertaining celebrities and elite audiences worldwide.

In additional to his mind reading performance, Kevin’s sleight of hand is world-class. He is a past world champion of close-up magic, and his additional skills in pickpocketing make him an incredibly well rounded performer. No event is too large or small, and Kevin can bring a dedicated team of professionals to handle receptions where one entertainer isn’t enough.

Keeping the Crowd Engaged

Master of Ceremonies

With over 1000 live performances under his belt, Kevin Viner is an accomplished speaker and entertainer who will keep your group glued to their seats and in rapt attention. In a world where attention has become a currency, Kevin delivers a stunning ROI.

Having a professional emcee can be the deciding factor on whether or not your message is heard by attendees. Whether helping to keep awards flowing smoothly or acting as a bridge between speakers, Kevin delivers clean humor and audience interaction to keep guests engaged.

Kevin can combine his emcee role with magic and mentalism demonstrations, breaking his evening show into smaller chunks and interactive pieces to help the day move by quickly for your guests.

Stay Informed

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