Here’s what they had to say!


Jack Welch, CEO, GE

One of the freakiest things I’ve ever seen.

Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google


Absolutely stunning. We can’t wait to have you back!

Stacey Smith, Vice President, Intel

Intel Mentalist Kevin Viner

You’re incredible.

Bill Eldien, CEO, Ketel One / Nolet

I’m not normally freaked out, but you blew our minds.

Victor Cho, CEO, Evite

It was a perfect show for our advisers.

Julie Bricker, VP, Corporate Meetings and Events, KeyBank

“You blew it out of the ballpark. Three days after the show and people are still talking about it and pulling me aside to tell me how amazing you were and how awesome it was. Thank you so much.”

Nancy Truett, Senior Manager, Marketing, Charter Communications

“Kevin made us think differently, outside of the box, and just blew our minds!”

Guillermo Diaz, CIO, Cisco

“It takes a lot to bamboozle this group of serious engineers and you did it in style! You show was a delight, and such fun!”

Susie Armstrong, Senior Vice President, Engineering, QUALCOMM

You were great and so well received by the audience. As expected, there was a lot of talk this morning, with everybody trying to figure out how you did your act. No one did!!!

Ann Husvar, Global Event Marketing, Citi

I knew we had a great show when people wouldn’t stop talking about it.

Greg Georgianni, Human Resources, Utilligent

People were buzzing for days about the many different ways that you blew them away. It was a truly stunning performance!

Scott Kaufman, Chairman and CEO, MDC Partners Inc.

The Best in the Business

Time for lights, camera, action?

You won’t regret your decision.

Kevin did a fabulous job interacting with the entire group. He managed to impress and amaze all of us, and had us all laughing.

Beth Whitenack, ANP Inc., Event Coordinator

I’ve heard nothing but superlatives about your performance, and a ton of requests for your contact information. The audience loved you!

Tom Kline, Vice President, Follett Corporation

You were the star of the entire event, and we thoroughly enjoyed your company and engaging personality.

Drayton McLane, Jr., Chairman, McLane Group