San Diego Mentalist & San Diego Magician

Mentalist Kevin Viner is the top choice for San Diego celebrities, executives, and meeting planners who need an outstanding program 100% of the time.

Why Choose Kevin?

Born and raised in Carlsbad, San Diego mentalist Kevin Viner has always called Southern California home. If you’re looking for the best entertainment in San Diego, look no further. Kevin is a world-renowned mentalist who has entertained superstars and business elite from Kim Kardashian and Howard Schultz to Katy Perry and Sundar Pichai.

As a mentalist, Kevin guesses the thoughts of your audience members while letting them behind the scenes that there is a method to everything he does. He does not claim to be a psychic, and provides a clean, highly interactive show that engages event the most ardent skeptics.

San Diego mentalist and magician Kevin Viner combines mind-reading with sleight-of-hand, pickpocketing, and comedy to ensure that there is something for everybody, and the vast majority of his business comes from repeat clientele who appreciate the high caliber of skill that he brings to every event. If you are looking to book a mentalist who your guests will never forget, look no further. 

Order Kevin’s Book

Learn the secrets of remembering the names of everybody you meet. Imagine never having to ask the awkward question of “Can you remind me of your name?” You’ll learn The 3Cs, Kevin’s streamlined approach to memory that allows you to permanently encode somebody’s name into your mind.

No matter if you see them again soon or months down the line, their name will be at the forefront of your memory. In How To Remember Names, Kevin teaches you how to visualize somebody’s name and attach it to their face. The secret to improving memory is learning to make visual representations. If you can see it, you can say it!

As Dale Carnegie once said, a person’s name is the sweetest sound to their ears. By increasing your ability to remember names, you will build rapport, increase sales, and have better client and customer relationships!

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