As one of the top mentalists worldwide, Kevin Viner has appeared on Penn and Teller: Fool Us, E!’s Busy TonightMasters of IllusionDon’t Blink, AMC’s The Core, commercials for both T-Mobile and for the movie Now You See Me 2, and on the PBS documentary Johnny Carson: King of Late Night. As a corporate entertainer, Kevin has engaged top-level management with Starbucks, Google, Intel, Cisco, Ketel One, Deloitte, General Electric, and many more.

Kevin is the entertainment of choice for superstars including Katy Perry, Alicia, Keys, and Kim Kardashian. With a business built on word-of-mouth referrals, you know that you’ll be in great hands.


Eclectic Knowledge for Outstanding Performances

A modern polymath, Kevin’s wide-ranging interests often find intriguing ways into his shows. With a degree in mathematics, he utilizes probability to determine how guests are most likely to respond. Through his research in psychological profiling, he expertly determines the best participants in the show, always making guests the stars of the show.

Through his backgrounds as an instrument rated pilot and studying martial arts, Kevin has honed observational skills and reaction times. Through his studies in music theory and performance (he and his wife share an independent music project), he has an inherent sense of rhythm that keeps the show flowing. And through his education in comedy and improv, he keeps audiences laughing the entire time.



Kevin has grown his career organically from a young age. Starting as a magician at five years old, Kevin had a passion for the craft and not a shadow of a doubt what his career path would be. By age 14, he’d begun performing at the world-renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood. And by 17, he began to put the deck of cards away in favor of mentalism, or “magic of the mind.”

Kevin has won numerous awards from his fraternity, including a 1st place win at the prestigious World Magic Seminar, an invitation-only international competition held in Las Vegas and judged by over 500 peers. Today, Kevin performs over 120 events annually for clients spanning the globe.


Since I’m a mind reader, here are the answers to a few questions I KNOW are on your mind!

Think of mentalism like “magic of the mind.” Instead of sleight-of-hand and, Kevin plucks thoughts from your guests’ minds. Instead of having you “pick a card,” you think of a card.

His interactive show puts your guests in the spotlight, and Kevin employs a variety of skills from keen observation to subtle influence (with a touch of magic). Nobody in the audience is “in on it” and the outcomes are different every night. It really must be seen to be believed.

Kevin’s program is billed as “entertainment for people who have seen it all” for a good reason. His private clients include A-list celebrities and top international business executives. Kevin has appeared across national television, including as a subject matter expert on the AMC program The Core.

No audience is too large or small. Kevin has entertained for private families in their homes, and for 17,000 guests in an arena. We will discuss your unique needs, and create a program that brings your event to life, no matter what the size.

Kevin is comfortable presenting his show at varying lengths to suit your event. His full length show runs the better part of an hour, or 90 minutes for theaters. We can create custom presentations and emcee programs for any length of time, depending on your exact needs. And we can provide guidance from experience to help create the perfect timeline for your event.

We find it best to begin Kevin’s program following dinner, when audiences are served dessert and at their most attentive. We also recommend scheduling awards or presentations that will last more than 30 minutes AFTER the show for maximum impact. Kevin will leave your guests energized and in a great mood, ready for the activities following his show.

If you are wondering how to book Kevin Viner, you are at the right place! This is Kevin’s personal booking site, and there is no need to book Kevin through a 3rd party unless you already have a relationship with a certified meeting planner who you trust. When you book Kevin directly, you will have the most seamless experience. Once you fill out our contact form, Kevin or his booking manager Jessica will reach out to you within 24 hours with details on how to proceed!

Just like all events are created differently, Kevin’s performances aren’t a one-size-fits-all. Every event has its own considerations, from travel time to audience size. Just like the Super Bowl has greater demand than a regular season game, certain dates historically have a higher demand and hence a higher fee. Once we understand the scope and timing of your event, we will send a proposal addressing your unique needs.

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