Fun Thanksgiving Myths and Facts

Fun Thanksgiving Myths and Facts 786 340 Kevin Viner

As a magician, I’m always seeking the truth in everything that I hear. This has lead me to a few interesting facts and answers to Thanksgiving myths. Enjoy, and have a pleasant, turkey-filled holiday!

1) Tryptophan, an organic amino acid found in most turkeys, does not actually cause drowsiness. It can in large quantities, but the amount found in most birds is negligible. Instead, scientists attribute the drowsiness to alcohol and the sheer amount of food consumed.

2) 20% of all Turkeys raised for human consumption annually (approximately 244 million) are eaten on Thanksgiving.

3) Colonists probably did not eat turkey on the first Thanksgiving. Instead, anthropologists and historians think that it is more likely that they enjoyed venison, seafood, and vegetables.

4) Each year, 2 turkeys are pardoned for the annual presidential photo shoot (1 is back-up in case the presidential turkey cannot perform its duties).

5) Wonder why Thanksgiving traffic is always terrible? According to the AAA, 42.5 million of about 308 million US citizens will drive over 50 miles from their homes to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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