FAQs - Mentalist Kevin Viner

Here are answers to a few questions I KNOW are on your mind.

  • Think of mentalism like “mind magic.” Instead of sleight of hand and making objects vanish and reappear, Kevin plucks thoughts from your guests’ minds. His interactive show makes your audience the focus of the event and employs a variety of skills from keen observation to subtle influence (with a touch of magic). Nobody is “in on it,” and the outcomes are different every night. It really must be seen to be believed.

  • Everything in the act has been designed clean. Even though my programs are for adult audiences, everything has to pass the HR test — “Will this fly with the head of HR, and even more importantly, with the CEO? If I look good, you look good.

    What does this mean? It means you keep your job another day, and hopefully get a raise for hiring such a fun act!

  • You have nothing to worry about. The program combines psychology with mathematics, memory work, and sleight-of-hand to create a compelling illusion of ‘psychic’ phenomena. This is a show that everybody can enjoy together.

  • A full show can last anywhere from 45 – 90 minutes, depending on your needs. For corporate programs, 45 minutes is the perfect length of time. For colleges and theaters, I prefer a longer show since the crowd’s attention span is longer. And I can even do quick appearances of 5 – 15 minutes to kick off a program. The most important thing is that I give you exactly what you need to make your event a success. Nothing more, nothing less.

    As far as timing, the biggest concern involves meals. If you will be eating on the event, it is important to start the show immediately following dessert and before any awards presentations.

    The best timing goes: Dinner –> SHOW –> Awards

    Why? People have a nice energy spike with dessert and coffee, and it helps them remain energized. And let’s face it, the main people enjoying awards presentations are those receiving the awards. At the end of my show, your crowd will be on their feet clapping, and their energy will be ready to carry through the rest of the evening.

  • I’ve repurposed an old saying to reflect the impact that you’ll see on your group — “The smarter they are, the harder they fall!” Although my career has been in entertainment, my other hobbies and interests flip often between art and science. I majored in mathematics at UC Irvine, and regularly keep abreast of the latest scientific and psychological studies. At the same time, I’m an avid musician and web designer. In other words, I have the schema to create routines that will appeal to the most intellectual crowds from nearly any industry.

  • The short answer is probably not. While I don’t match prices, I always quote a rate that is fair in the industry for my service. An expensive car costs more than a cheap car for a reason, and at the same time, it isn’t for everybody. For some programs, a cheaper entertainer will suffice. They won’t deliver the same results, but not everybody needs the top level of entertainment. I’ll never speak poorly of another performer, but I’ll be happy to let you know why my rates are what they are. And if it doesn’t work out, I can typically recommend a colleague who will be a great match at your price level. So on that note . . .

  • Sometimes, I’ll get a call for an event that is just under my minimum fee range. The artist side of me would love to do EVERY event, but it is just unrealistic from a business perspective. So we can set up an agreement that guarantees a quality performer should I book a program at my full rate elsewhere. In other words, if I am available for the night and can make it, I’ll be there.

    This is great for you because it means that your search for quality entertainment is over. I have a talented pool of speakers and entertainers with whom I work regularly, and you’ll be in very good hands.

  • Each month, I publish some of my upcoming tour dates in my newsletter. Sign up with the form on this page, and I’ll keep you in the loop! You’ll also get some instructions to a pretty fun magic trick just by signing up.

Kevin Questions

Now for a few of the most commonly received questions I get as a performer, along with my stock answers — if you read this, you’ll know that your joke is NOT as original as you think!

Q: “Can you make the bill disappear?”
A: “I can try, but sometimes it doubles!”

Q: “Can you make my [boss, significant other, etc.] disappear?”
A: “No, especially since they are likely paying my bill . . .” (see question number 1)

Q: “Is Criss Angel real?”
A: “You’re a smart person — if he were, would he have a show in Las Vegas, or would he be studied worldwide by the best scientists around — I’ll let you decide.”

Q: “Did you go to Hogwarts?”
A: “If you are asking that, I’m wondering how productive you are in your company . . .”

Q: “Are you allowed in casinos?”
A: “Yes, except for a few . . .”

Q: “I saw you take somebody’s watch earlier. Did you steal my wallet?”
A: “In all honesty, no I did not. It’s too much of a liability. It’s probably in your hotel room accidentally kicked under the bed. You should go check . . .”