Corporate Entertainment San Diego

Looking for corporate entertainment for your San Diego event? You’re going to love what Kevin Viner brings to the table. His unique brand of world-class magic, mentalism and comedy will keep your audience thoroughly entertained from the first moment to the last.

Kevin Viner has served as a top corporate entertainment professional for many years in the industry, starting out at just 14 when he began performing at the world-renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood. Kevin has been a shooting star ever since those early years.

If your employees are tired of your PowerPoint presentation and you just can’t seem to get your company values across to them, consider budgeting corporate entertainment into your San Diego business meetings. If you’ve never provided entertainment for your staff before, you’ll discover it’s the best investment you’ll ever make for the morale of your employees.

Do you cater to international or out of state clients? They’re going to be expecting much more than the traditional stuffy boardroom meeting. Entertain your clients in a way they’ve never been entertained before. Kevin’s fast-paced, interactive show will keep your guests glued to the edge of their seats and his show is clean and customizable to fully meet your business’ needs.

Whatever size crowd you are planning to entertain, you’ll find Kevin Viner’s show to be scalable. Kevin can perform for up to 70 minutes on-stage without missing a beat. As he pulls thoughts from your guests’ minds, influences their behavior on stage and predicts the outcome of future events, you and your guests will remain mesmerized throughout.

Who hires magician Kevin Viner for corporate entertainment in San Diego? Companies like Qualcomm, Sony, IBM, Intel and many others as well. When you book Kevin Viner for your event, you’re getting much more than just a world-class magician, you’re also booking a mentalism and comedy show- such a unique combination, and one that is not to be missed.

You can request more information or book your upcoming event by visiting online at Just fill in your name, email and some brief information and someone will get back with you promptly.

Along with the laughs, intrigue and interactive entertainment, when you call Kevin, you can expect a performer who is down to earth and easy to work with. Having performed for numerous large and small-scale events across the country, Kevin understands that no two events are alike- he’ll work with you to meet your objectives. Whether you would like to make a particular guest appear magically on stage or would like the show customized for your group, Kevin will deliver the absolute perfect show.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Kevin from the website. From there, you can read testimonials from some of the biggest companies in the US who have found Kevin Viner to be the perfect cure for their tired-out business meetings and corporate events.

For exceptional corporate entertainment in your San Diego location, make sure you book Kevin Viner. He’ll be the best investment you ever made.

Corporate Entertainment San Diego

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