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Mind Blowing, Interactive Virtual Meeting Entertainment

Prepare to be amazed by virtual magician and mentalist Kevin Viner.

If you are seeking creative, interactive virtual entertainment ideas, you have come to the right place. With millions of online views and television appearances spanning the past decade, Kevin Viner is one of the top mentalists and magicians in the world. He has entertained globally for A-list celebrities and top executives, and for the first time, is bringing the experience directly into your home.

Kevin’s show “Virtually Impossible” is an immersive experience that makes YOU the star as he reads your minds through the screen. Prepare to be amazed, either for a short breakout session or with Kevin’s full 45 minute experience. As one of the first virtual magicians and mentalists, Kevin has pioneered a high quality, interactive experience that feels more like an interactive television show than a virtual meeting. Kevin’s show is fast paced, interactive, and transcends the virtual environment like nothing you’ve seen before.

Make Your Virtual Meeting Extraordinary

Fighting virtual fatigue in your meetings has never been easier. Kevin has a variety of options and ideas to make your next event stand out. As one of the top entertainers in the world for corporate meetings and private events, Kevin has been the go-to choice for everybody from Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to Katy Perry and Alicia Keys.


Virtual meeting ideas range from wine tasting to trivia games, but they tend to leave audiences wanting more. Kevin’s show makes your attendees the stars, and feels more like an interactive television program that they participate in. With amazing visual magic and mind-blowing mentalism, your guests will all have a front row seat to incredible virtual entertainment.


Kevin’s show is fun, intelligent, and clean. For executives and staff watching at home, this means that their families can be join in the fun. Kevin can even provide customized kits to send out before your meeting. It’s the ultimate way to interact, and nobody needs to worry about their children watching the show in the background (or the foreground)!


As an entertainment consultant for film and television, Kevin is uniquely positioned to leverage the top in streaming technology to bring a high-quality show to your event that can be produced with no hiccups. Clients have been so impressed with Kevin’s setup that they have even brought him in to produce their programs!

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

  • We can customize a program for nearly any length of time, although our standard shows are 30 and 45 minutes long.

  • We have built a full recording studio for Kevin’s virtual show. It includes professional lighting and sound, and we use broadcast software to create an immersive performance for guests.

  • There are quite a few acts out there performing virtual entertainment, but most are focusing on either keynote speeches, or “watch what I can do” presentations that really focus on one particular person doing most of the talking.

    “Virtually Impossible” is a show that transcends the screen. It’s not about camera tricks, hidden green screens, or special effects. It’s about your colleagues, your business partners, and your friends & family. Kevin uses objects founds in your guest’s homes and offices during the show, and their input determines exactly what happens!

  • In addition to Kevin’s show, we offer consulting, design, and sourcing for custom decks of cards, wine labels, and more that can be shipped to your customers in advance of the event, and incorporated into the show.

    You or your company will be responsible for fulfillment and shipping.

  • In addition to our live virtual programs, Kevin has designed a variety of acts that can be performed as quick, pre-recorded mind reading segments. He can act as a virtual emcee with pre-recorded messages and content to help weave a common thread through your meeting.

Zoom FAQs

  • Zoom has 4 things going for it to help make it our preferred platform.

    1. Spotlight view: the ability to make one person’s video the focal point for everybody at once.
    2. Dual display mode: the ability to use multiple screens and pin people to different screens. This allows us to use broadcasting software that merges these screens together internally before broadcasting to your group.
    3. Co-host abilities: We can help mute participants, control the waiting room, etc.
    4. Virtual cameras: We use a high end Sony DSLR camera to deliver the best video quality to your group.

    In addition, Zoom supports breakout sessions, where you can split your group into silos to have their own pre-meetings, and then merge everybody together for the main show.

  • The sky is the limit! For meetings, our cap is 1000 participants, above which we recommend hosting as a webinar.

  • Zoom provides for an easy ability to split the broadcast into two windows internally, allowing Kevin to use picture-in-picture and more complex hardware switchers to create immersive views as seen in his demo reel (which you can see near the top of this page).

  • Please visit Zoom’s Official Security Documentation and follow their best practices. A few of special note:

    1. ALWAYS have a password and require registration and email confirmation to receive meeting details. 
    2. In the “security” box, make sure to un-check “Guests can change their names.” That way you can identify anybody causing trouble and boot them from the room.
    3. Make sure you have settings where only co-hosts can share their screens
    4. Enable the waiting room, and only let guests in whose names match their registration.
  • Kevin will join your hosted meeting, and will need to be made a co-host immediately upon joining. Kevin can host the meeting himself for smaller groups, but please keep in mind that is like having the entertainment provide the venue as well. It’s best to have a dedicated member of your team in charge of letting guests in and out, and moderating everybody.

  • All guests should ideally be watching the show on a desktop or laptop computer. If that can’t be done, then we recommend a tablet, and finally their phone can be used as a last resort, although it isn’t recommended. The screens are too small to comfortably enjoy the show.

Other Meeting Platforms

  • Kevin has performed via Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, ON24, and Cisco WebEx, to name a few. At this time, we can only offer the show via Zoom.

  • Your selected platform needs to allow for “virtual cameras,” which allow us to use Kevin’s custom backgrounds and settings to deliver the best quality video. For live shows, there also needs to be an easy way for Kevin to see other audience members and to interact with them in real time.

  • Most platforms take an “active speaker” approach, meaning that the video for the loudest person is displayed. In an interactive mind-reading show, this is problematic because it means that Kevin won’t be on screen when other guests are speaking. This creates a choppier experience for everybody watching, and leads the the virtual meeting fatigue that we all know so well.

    Similarly, most platforms allow for a limited display of guests, as opposed to Zoom’s 49 participants per screen capabilities. This makes it harder to pick guests to interact with.

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Interactive Virtual Meeting Ideas: Wrap-Up

Kevin’s show is the result of years of hard work on and off stage, and months of crafting a brand new show for the virtual realm. This is factored into our fees, and we understand that not all clients can afford the full experience. We still implore you to reach out so that we can help bring your virtual entertainment ideas to life. As a fixture in the special events world, Kevin has a variety of contacts who we can refer if Kevin is unavailable for your date, or if the budget doesn’t work out. We look forward to hearing from you.