Trade Show Magician

Are you looking for a trade show magician who can help you gain new prospects and fill your booth with potential customers? Kevin Viner has what it takes and has been called one of the best trade show magicians in the industry. If you’re in charge of this year’s corporate expo and are looking for a way to invest your company’s money in a better way, considerer hiring Kevin to ensure the success of your show.

Kevin Viner knows how to work the crowd and incorporate your company brand and message into his act in a way attendees will never forget. There are numerous benefits that come from hiring entertainment for your booth. Consider a few of the reasons why other sales managers consider Kevin to be the best money they ever spent on their trade shows:

– Engaging even one or two trade show attendees is a difficult thing to do without going out into the crowd and begging people to come in to your booth and see what you have to offer. A really good trade show magician can accomplish the impossible and bring a crowd of people right to your booth’s door where they will spend the day flowing in and out of your booth to find out who you are and what you have to offer in the community. Kevin is that magician!

– Getting your marketing message across to the crowd takes a great deal of experience and talent, so that the crowd is not just enjoying a free magic show that will soon be forgotten. That’s where Kevin’s unique skills come into play; he knows how to effectively communicate your brand for the best possible results.

– Trade show attendees are looking for entertainment, as there is such a lack of it at most expo events. Consider the venue: booth after booth of company sales reps all trying to reach out to passers-by and tell them why they should spend their money on their products and services. The combination of magic and information makes a trade show magician a big hit at any expo event.

– You’ll stand out in the crowd as the booth that paid for entertainment and made the event interesting and exciting for attendees. With so much competition vying for attention, any assistance in setting yourself apart from the sea of other businesses will work to your advantage.

– Live entertainment has been proven over and over to be one of the most productive ways to draw a crowd at a trade show. When trade show attendees are enjoying themselves it’s much easier to promote your company brand and incorporate a message that has to do with your products and services.

Find out why Kevin Viner is the top pick as trade show magician throughout the US by going online to From there, you can take a look at videos, enjoy the informative blog articles or read about Kevin’s unique attributes. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree, Kevin is the man for the job.

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