Trade Show Magician

Are you looking for a trade show magician who can help you connect with a wider audience at your next expo or corporate show? Kevin Viner is the perfect candidate for the job. As a world-class magician, Kevin Viner excels at connecting with trade show guests and can create the right amount of buzz around your booth. If your past expos have failed to yield the results your company expected, discover the different Kevin Viner can make in excitement around your brand.

This year, forego spending your company’s money on bigger and better trade show banners and hire Kevin instead. Kevin is an expert at providing a centrally-focused area of attention just outside of your trade show booth where potential clients and customers will literally line up to hear what he has to say. After collaborating with your sales team, Kevin will customize his show to include information about your brand that will prove to be beneficial to your company in a variety of ways. If you’re looking to spend smarter for the upcoming show, you’ll find Kevin’s show will pay for itself many times over.

Why hire a trade show magician? Crowds love up-close and personal magic- and Kevin really knows how to work a crowd. With extensive knowledge in magic and sales, Kevin Viner can create the ideal pitch to all those walking past your booth and stop them in their tracks. You have to see his talents to believe them!

Today’s trade show representatives can no longer sit idly in the wings and wait for prospects to come to them. The fact is that most will simply walk past your booth and not even look your way. Marketing has come a long way since those days when trade show guests would engage with booth attendees. If you’ve noticed your trade show interest has been waning as of late, gain an edge over your booth neighbors by hiring Kevin as your star attraction and watch what happens next.

Your company will see a definite increase in interest with your brand as word gets out through your trade show efforts. The annual corporate expo is your company’s opportunity to connect with clients and customers that may never find you otherwise. If you can’t afford to lose sales, consider maximizing on your expo budget by calling Kevin to find out more about how he can boost interest in your brand within the community.

Feel free to visit online and check out testimonials from clients who are eager to share their experienced with hiring Kevin. We feel certain you’ll be convinced, Kevin will be the best money you ever spent on your trade show. Click on ‘Book Kevin’ at your earliest convenience to guarantee his availability for your event. Blue chip companies across the US turn to Kevin Viner to keep their trade show booths filled to capacity and draw engaged crowds that overflow into adjacent aisles. Learn more about what Kevin will bring to your expo by visiting his website.

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