Trade Show Entertainment

Are you looking for exceptional trade show entertainment? Kevin Viner has demonstrated to the sales industry his unequivocal talents for gathering a crowd around trade show booths with one-of-a-kind interactive entertainment that gets noticed in a big way. If you’re looking for results at your next expo instead of another weekend sitting in your booth, we invite you to see why Kevin is a favorite entertainer for corporations gearing up for annual trade shows.

Companies across the globe champion the annual trade show for numerous reasons. As one of the greatest local opportunities to get your brand out into the community, the trade show is an exciting opportunity to engage in one of the most cost-effective venues for promoting your goods or services to those who live and work in the same community as your corporation. The ramifications of a successful connection are serious.

You could spend this year’s trade show like you spent your previous ones- spending more money on bigger and better banners, infographics, directionals and other high-tech materials sign companies say you must have to compete, or hiring Kevin Viner as your trade show entertainment. Sit back and watch Kevin work his magic while show attendees line up to see his act and make their way into your booth instead of simply walking past.

Trade show entertainment works for the simple fact that those who attend these shows are looking explicitly for entertainment. In past decades, it was enough to select one of your sales reps to sit in a show booth and wait for interaction with potential clients; not so today. It’s almost as though the bigger and better signage that has been one-upped year after year has made attendees blind to the messages that are right in front of their eyes. Bigger is truly not always better when it comes to a trade show.

If bigger is not necessarily better, then the question must be asked: What is better? With trade shows, anything that delivers your corporate message to potential buyers is better. This is where a really great trade show magician or entertainment expert can really shine. Kevin Viner draws large, engaged crowds at trade show booths. Think of Kevin like a full-color banner that can reach out and grab passers-by, stopping them in their tracks and creating the desire to interact with your brand through quality entertainment that keeps them interested in who you are and what you do.

The annual trade show offers a short window of opportunity through which your company can connect with your community. It typically spans a weekend, making time an important factor in being able to achieve this goal successfully. Let Kevin’s unique trade show entertainment drive traffic to your booth and maintain a steady stream of interested show attendees during the weekend. You’ll quickly discover Kevin was the best money you ever spent on a trade show. Book Kevin over his website or request a free quote for trade show entertainment by calling 760-586-3947.

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