Personality to Engage Any Audience

Kevin Viner performs nationally at colleges and universities, as well as at performing arts centers and theaters for organizations looking for astonishing entertainment. As just on example, he sold out the Anthology Theater in San Diego with his show “Distorted Reality (and Fuzzy Math).”

It must be his skill, experience and great personality! Kevin’s show is a wonderfully disarming mix of humor, sleight of hand and psychology. He’ll connect with his audience immediately with an intriguing blend of magic, mentalism and comedy. People simply won’t know what hit them!

What can Kevin do for You?

The short answer is, Kevin can make just about any kind of event unforgettable. Whether the venue is an auditorium, theater or intimate gathering, you’ll feel the same level of enthusiasm and engagement as he connects with everyone through his mastery of mentalism and illusion.


The campus is an invigorating environment abounding with youthful energy and curiosity. Kevin brings an element of mystery and excitement that’s a perfect fit, whether it’s a planned performance at the student union or impromptu strolling illusions on the quad.


Kevin’s stage show is ideal for creating a unique dimension for events at theaters and performing arts centers. Audiences for large-scale occasions such as fundraisers and galas will have a highly memorable experience and remember the host organization positively.

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The Best in the Business

Looking for an amazingly versatile entertainer?

He’ll make your next event shine.