Corporate Mentalist

This year’s company event is quickly approaching. If you’re still stuck over what type of entertainment you’re going to hire for your guests, consider a corporate mentalist. More and more businesses are hiring mentalists for their event and transforming the way they interact with their audiences. Kevin Viner is one of the most renown corporate entertainers in the US, working his own brand of magic, comedy and mentalism from coast to coast for corporations looking for entertainment that’s a cut above.

For a one-of-a-kind experience, book Kevin for your corporate mentalist- your guests will go wild as Kevin delves into their psyches while delivering your company message in an exciting and fun way that will leave his audience anticipating more at next year’s event.

It’s not easy gearing up for a company event. If it’s your first time planning out the catering and star attraction, take the advice of large corporations and book the entertainment first. There are most likely dozen of caterers in your community that can put together a menu for your event at the last moment. You’ll want to focus on getting an act that will wow your guests.

It surprises many company executives to learn that Kevin’s mentalism show fits into a carry-on bag that he’s able to easily travel with. That means there’s no chance his luggage will get mis-directed or end up in another state, leaving your event with a no-show. Kevin will be there, complete with his act and ready to entertain at your event, rain or shine.

First time corporate event planners are often intimidated into spending the better part of their event budget on the catering. While it’s only natural to think that providing an exceptional meal will result in a memorable occasion, the fact is most people won’t remember what they ate at your last corporate event. What they will remember is the time spent being thoroughly entertained by Kevin Viner. As he works his incredible magic on the minds of your guests, Kevin is certain to impress.

Kevin shines as a corporate mentalist for businesses in all industries. Let him customize his show to incorporate your CEO or guest of honor into the act. His mind-reading, magic, and comedy are sure to please each and every one of your guests.

We invite you to see first-hand what Kevin can do for your upcoming event. Click on the ‘Videos’ link at the top of Kevin’s website to watch previous events to see what you can expect, or check out the online testimonials from clients who book Kevin year after year. Book Kevin as your event’s corporate mentalist and rest easy knowing the entertainment will be over the top. Kevin is not only entertaining, he is thoroughly engaging and offers an interactive act your guests will absolutely love. Request more information by clicking on ‘Book Kevin’ or by calling 760-586-3947. Fill out the online contact form and Kevin will get back with you soon.

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