Corporate Magician

Are you in charge of your upcoming company meeting? Make sure you don’t make the mistake so many others make when it comes to entertaining your guests. Be sure your clients, staff or associates are thoroughly entertained this year by hiring Kevin Viner for your corporate magician.

It can be an overwhelming task planning for a company seminar or meeting. If you’re on a budget and someone is closely watching every dollar you spend, it can be tempting to hire the same old tired entertainment from previous years. Make a bold move this year. Contact corporate magician Kevin Viner and discover why he is one of the most sought after corporate entertainers in the country today.

As a leading corporate magician, Kevin Viner offers his own brand of up-close and interactive magic, combined with a world-class mentalism show and clean comedy that makes his act truly one of a kind. Some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the US hire Kevin for their entertainment, and highly recommend him as the perfect ice-breaker, as a mesmerizing mentalist and one of the most mind-blowing interactive magicians in the industry.

If you’ve failed to make a connection with your audience in the past and are looking for a solution to the age-old problem of keeping your group engaged, you’ll find Kevin possesses that rare mix of skill and talent that go far in making his audience feel comfortable and relaxed. Your clients will never fall asleep at another one of your PowerPoint presentations. In fact, they’ll still be talking about your event when the next one rolls around.

Can’t decide on a magician, a mentalist or a comedian? Perfect. We have just the man for the job. Kevin Viner offers a unique combination of world-class magic, mentalism that will keep your guests on the edge of their seats and comedy that is designed to entertain, not embarrass your guests.

Perhaps the job of planning your event has just been dropped in your lap and you have no idea where to go with it. There is one simple rule that will ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Make sure your event’s entertainment is at the top of your priority list and place the amenities just under the entertainment. Most event planners make the mistake of inverting the two; the problem with that is that no one will remember what you served for lunch and cocktails. They’ll still be talking about Kevin Viner long after the meeting has ended.

Hire Kevin as your corporate magician and you’ll be getting so much more for your money than just an industry standard-setting magician. Sit back and watch in amazement as Kevin holds your audience captive in his hands. Be sure to book early to secure your preferred date.

Visit to learn more about his unique qualifications, read testimonies from some of the largest corporations in the country that highly recommend Kevin or fill out a contact form if you have any questions.

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