Corporate Event Entertainment

Looking for corporate event entertainment that’s a cut above the competition? You’ll love how Kevin Viner can entertain your guests. Whether you’re gearing up for another annual corporate event, are looking for an exciting new way to present a meeting or have special clients coming in from out of town, Kevin can scale his act to meet your needs in a very unique way.

Companies of every size agree that corporate event entertainment is a terrific investment, delivering results that can easily be seen in sales. If you’re in charge of an upcoming event within your company, we invite you to see why more companies are turning to live entertainment as their first choice in engaging with their guests:

Morale is Key to Productivity.

Give your employees or staff a well-deserved shot in the arm on a quarterly basis to ensure they recognize their value to your company. You can reduce the stress level of your employees by hiring Kevin to bring laughs and excitement to the workplace on a consistent basis. It’s an investment that will pay off many times over.

Reward Clients For Their Faithfulness

Your loyal clients and customers will be thrilled that you thought enough of their business to include them in a day of corporate event entertainment. Just 20% of your existing customers will generate 80% of your future sales. That’s a lot to consider when deciding where to spend corporate dollars in promotion.

Create Smarter Meetings

Kevin Viner can reinforce your company’s core values in a way that makes your staff or team feel like they matter to your company. Do your annual meetings tank year after year? If so, it’s most likely due to a lack of experience in expressing your company’s message to your employees. If your corporation lacks a skilled communicator, call Kevin to come in and build relationships from the ground up.

Team Building That Gets Results

Your company’s corporate events are unique opportunities for team building. Getting everyone in your company to understand more fully that they are all on the same team can prove to boost productivity. It’s amazing how successful an event can be for building relationships within the company, through interactivity that rarely takes place in the office setting.

Cut Through The Dry Ice

Corporate Event Entertainment makes an excellent alternative to hiring a motivational speaker for your employees. All too often, motivational speakers can come in with a dry message that serves little or no purpose other than to waste company time. Kevin Viner can deliver your company’s message to employees in a way that is intelligent, interesting and respectful. When employees feel like they matter to a company, they are much more likely to work harder for a common goal, with loyal attitudes that result in growth within the company.

You can learn more about what Kevin can bring to your next corporate event by spending a few moments on the website. Check out the videos from previous events, read real client testimonials or click on the ‘Programs’ link to see what awaits your next meeting.


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