Corporate Entertainment

Are you searching for a corporate entertainment act that will really drive home your company message? Hire Kevin Viner to deliver your message in a totally new way. If you’re currently seeking a way to connect with your employees, special clients, loyal customers or other guests, consider the benefits of corporate entertainment.

Companies of every size love Kevin Viner’s act for the simple reason that he packs small but delivers big. There are very few requirements on the part of your company to hose Kevin as your entertainer. You won’t need any special lighting, special tech equipment or other machinery. For large crowds over 50, Kevin prefers to work on a riser of at least 8’ x 12’, with a single lavaliere mic and one wireless handheld mic. His act may incorporate a chair or a table, which most companies have on hand.

Are you looking for a clean comedy act? Kevin’s show is exactly that. In today’s entertainment industry, it can seem an impossible task to find an act that isn’t embarrassing in one way or another. While Kevin’s act is geared for an adult audience, it will definitely not cause your guests to feel uncomfortable while sitting in the audience.

Depending on your unique requirements, Kevin can adjust the length of his corporate entertainment anywhere from 45-90 minutes. In fact, if you just need Kevin to kick off a program or get it started off with a bang, he can even create a quick 5-15 minute act that will leave your audience enthusiastic about the main attraction. For full-length acts, Kevin prefers to schedule your corporate event around the following timing: dinner/show/awards.

Kevin Viner provides interactive, close-up magic that is scalable for any size crowd and will fit perfectly into your corporate event. This type of entertainment is often referred to as ‘strolling magic’ and works great for cocktail receptions, free-flowing events and other venues. If your group needs an ice-breaker to get loosened up, Kevin is that- and more.

Sleight of hand is an area of entertainment where Kevin excels. Hire him for your social or corporate function to keep your guests laughing and interacting with one another in a way that is typically not possible in the work place. Kevin has been called the ‘best in the business’ for a variety of entertainment venues, so you can expect him to seamlessly move through your audience delivering personal mind-reading, pick-pocketing, close-up magic, comedy and more.

Visit online to discover how Kevin can transform your next corporate event into an occasion your guests will never forget. As a world-class corporate entertainment professional, Kevin Viner has what it takes to thoroughly engage your audience and keep them riveted from the first moment to the last. Feel free to check out online testimonials and videos from past events to see first-hand what you’re in store for. Click on the ‘Book Kevin’ link at your earliest convenience to ensure availability for your event.

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