Corporate Entertainer

Are you searching desperately for a corporate entertainer for your upcoming event? Don’t make the same mistake you made last year- hire corporate entertainer Kevin Viner for a world-class show that is thoroughly entertaining, from the first moment to the last.

It’s never easy settling on the entertainment for a company event, seminar or meeting. While it can be tempting to save your budget for the amenities, you’ll find that investing in the entertainment as the priority of your event will be the best move you’ve ever made.

PowerPoint presentations are all the rage at today’s seminars and meetings- and they really have come far in the last decade or so. The problem with PowerPoint presentations is that they can start to blend together after awhile, so that this year’s presentation looks an awful lot like last year’s looked, and the year before. Make a bold move this year and schedule something truly memorable. Hire Kevin Viner as this year’s corporate entertainer and your clients, associates, staff or other guests will still be talking about your meeting when the next one comes around.

What does Kevin have to offer your event? As a world-class magician who specializes in performing at corporate events, trade shows, seminars and other events, Kevin’s own brand of up-close and interactive magic has the power to loosen up your clients and staff and has been called the perfect ice breaker for corporate events. As a mentalist, Kevin is second to none in the industry and as a comedian, he'll make sure your guests are entertained but never embarrassed.

On-stage, Kevin Viner is just as comfortable as when he is strolling through the aisles of a trade show or amidst guests in a room. When companies are looking to entertain their guests with a fast-paced, high-quality show they will never forget, they turn to Kevin Viner time after time- and are never disappointed. Whatever the size of your audience, you’ll find his show to be customizable.

Today’s audience is looking for a fun, intelligent and clean show. Companies including Microsoft, Intel, Sony and many others trust Kevin with their top executives when they want to keep them riveted, engaged and amazed. You can trust Kevin with your guests as well, knowing he’ll thoroughly entertain them from the moment he walks into the room until they reluctantly bid him adieu.

As a master of sleight of hand, Kevin Viner is at home socializing with your guests as he performs impossible, interactive, close-up magic just inches from their faces. You’ll love that his show has been specifically designed to require very little space and set-up, so whether you are entertaining 20 guests in a boardroom or hundreds attending a seminar, you won’t have to worry about scalability.

Visit to learn more about Kevin’s style, qualifications and abilities. From there, fill out the brief contact form if you have questions or wish to book Kevin for your upcoming event. Give your guests the corporate entertainer they deserve this year- you won’t be sorry!

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